In early June I went to the Czech Republic and caught a great art show in Prague.

Prague is a great place to visit, it is affordable, easy to get around (most concentrated rail system in Europe), and deep with history. I did do a few touristy things but enjoyed staying in Prague 2 which was a bit less touristy than Prague 1/the old city.

I read about the Holevoice area (Prague 7) from a resourceful polish blogger “Kami” . It was like a Williamsburg NYC or South Congress in Austin, because it is across the river from the city. It was a bit more family friendly and funky.

If you take metro line C (red) to Vltavska. There is good wall art and graffiti around the station.

I saw a great show at DOX Centre For Contemporary Art. "Big Bang Data" was about how the information explosion is transforming our world. Data/information is disrupting the world first and then we are some how changing to accommodate the forced change.

Beyond the amount of data there is the ongoing theme of how much personalized information we give up in order to have the data at our finger tips.

Afterwards I needed some time to process so we went to a great vegan buffet.

If you are in Prague you should check out the DOX and Holevoice area. There is a great coffee shop / bar around the corner with pop up stores for local artists called VNITROBLOCK.

Last if you grew up on MTV then you remember the INXS video “Never Tear Us Apart” which was shot in Prague in the late 80s (88).