Prior to designing and producing mobile apps, I was a motion designer. So I am a big fan of using animation in my work.

A few years back I designed and produced a private Stoli Event iPad app that involved some 3d animation. Like the casino game craps, the user shakes the iPad to toss the dice. I used a 3d animator and it was a challenge to make a file sequence into a manageable file size to work on mobile.

Recently two products have emerged that make creating animations into native apps much easier and more manageable.

The engineers over at Airbnb developed a new open source tool, Lottie, that renders After Effects animations in real-time and allows native apps to use animations as easily as they use static assets.

Haiku is another tool to craft imaginative UI components that snap into any app.

I have not dug too deep into either tool but wanted to share since I am really excited about the possibilities of both tools.