It is not easy to take off work when you are a business owner but sometimes time away is good for everyone. Juggling work and travel itineraries are always challenging but I thought there has got to be away to go to Europe with just my iPhone. So below are my results of a few days of research. I will also write a follow up to this post after my Holiday.

International roaming is still not cheap. The $25 dollars a month include small print with lots of add-on costs for data over 20mb. Everyone sends big emails theses days so International roaming is not an option. So my strategy is to use WiFi through my hotel for email and internet. I could answer emails, tweet and call the office via Skype without incurring cellular charges.

To block out all cellular activity you need to change a few settings on your device. Here is a great tutorial with 8 easy steps from Barbara Weibel’s blog “Hole In The Donut Cultural Travel“.

Since my team and I use Dropbox and Evernote, I put some project files in Dropbox and all paper work (tickets, itineraries & reservations) in Evernote to sync with my phone.

I also found some great iPhone apps for the trip I wanted to share below:

- Mobile Ticketing & train schedules

- Language Guides – Learn Italian

I guess there are some benefits to being a digital nomad. CIAO!

P.S. I will post pictures to Flickr, don’t worry!