This was Lure’s second app created for Stoli’s “Managed Bar Nights” promotions. These exclusive parties are tasting events for new vodka flavors and promotions. The events are held in major cities across the country. This year everything happens on the iPad2.

Lure Industries created a simplified app that only functions on the new iPad2. Again this year the strategy was to capture names and emails of Stoli enthusiasts and promote their new Facebook Campaign, “GFY”.

Stoli iPad App 2

The app offers a little gaming (dice rolling) to engage users. Once you choose your mood, you roll (shake) the dice, and see if you get a lucky matching 4 dice. Winners get various promotional swag at the events.

Depending on your roll, the user gets various cocktail recipes as the results. Then the user is asked to take their photo. The photo is then composited into the 5 different egos for the user to choose from. Once a persona or ego is chosen the user fills out a form and signs-up for promotions from Stoli.

In addition to the iPad development Lure created a CRM/email component for the app. Once people register or sign-up a personalized email is sent to participants with their recipe and photo. The email is dynamic depending on the user’s results.

The social media/Facebook campaign was managed by another agency partner.