Rarely do the moons align where I read an article that is directly aligned to what I am currently working on, or directly impacts a problem I am trying to solve. The last couple of weeks I have read and stumbled across a few articles that effected my work output. Of course I wanted to share what I learned.

I was working on a mobile peer-to-peer (P2P) payment app when I read this. The app was targeted to a less technology advanced type of user so it was important to be clear and concise on many levels. So this article highlights "16 things you should avoid in your writing”. Within the app I was designing there were a few screens that needed good copy to guide the user through an intensive signup process due to the nature of the app involving payments, credit, and banking.

Effective Writing For Your UI: Things to Avoid

It is the end of the year so people are making their predictions for 2017. SCROLLING will go mainstream in 2017! Hell Yeah! Let’s end those lengthy conference calls about “where the page fold is”. Also Storytelling, an important aspect of UX, will be moved by ANIMATIONS in 2017. My career will come full circle from my early days as a film maker/animator to a UX Architect. Here are a few great reads about Fintech, User Interfaces and User Experience trends to look out for.

Five Fintech trends for mobile in 2017

10 top UI trends for 2017

7 UX Design Trends to Watch out for in 2017

Being a music junkie I had to share this great mix from DJ Cheeba & DJ Moneyshot. Solid Steel had the idea of collaborating on a version of the Beastie Boys‘ ‘Paul’s Boutique’ album made entirely from the original sample sources.