Frustrated from inefficiencies of working for large organizations, I developed a process. It is nothing new but a hybrid of thought leaders, books and a few past work associates. My UX process is more of a practice. I have great guidelines & practices but every client and business is different.

When sharing with C Level Executives I try to keep it high level and focus on 4 key components:
Discovery/Design/Develop/Future Release

For internal teams I use the full playbook to help build the project plan from 1 through 8.

I am a goal-orientated designer so a “Build-Measure-Learn” Lean UX Strategy is near and dear to my heart. The goal is to minimize project risk, get teams building quickly and learning quickly by using rapid prototypes to test market assumptions and user feedback. This methodology also reduces documentation and design deliverables to a minimum.

01 Discovery
Analytics Review
Competitor Analysis
User Research/Usability Reports
Stakeholder Interviews

02 Ideation

Personas Development
Task Models
User Journeys
Content Requirements

03 Strategy
Information Architecture & Site Map
Content Weighting
Funnel Diagrams
Final Project Requirements & Functional Specifications

04 Visual Design
Framework & Design Language
Detailed Design & Patterns
A/B prototyping

05 Production/Development
Final Timeline
Review Launch Plan

06 Testing
Alpha testing (core team)
Beta Test (internal client)
Beta Findings & Revisions
Final Approval

07 Delivery
Product Audit
Future Release Plan

08 Review
Product Audit
Usability Testing
Analytics Review
App Store Reviews